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Joves Productions will produce amazing online stream performances with their band, Joves Band (Pianist, Drums, Guitar, Bass), that will accompany wonderful artists (singers and instrumentalists) of Madeira Island that will open their hearts through the sound of music and make a memorable evening for you to enjoy and remember!

From genres like soft classical to smooth jazz, bossa nova, funk and 60s rock an roll the repertoire will be inspired on the greatest composers/musicians/singers like Elvis Presley, Elton John, Ennio Moriconne, Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin ,Tom Jobim, Disney Songs, Musicals and many many more!!!

The events will take place on some different parts of the island starting on a traditional and cozy countryside house called Quinta da Paz located up the beautiful mountains of Santo da Serra.

Joves Productions is a event planner company


João Alves
(Pianist & Singer)

Sofia Petito

Nuno Perestrelo

Aquilino Domingo da Silva
(Trompet, Maestro & Composer)

Slobodan Sarcevic

Mariana Menezes & Vladimir Kerekesh

(Ballroom Dancers)

Joves Band

Pedro Temtem
(Percussion & Drums)

Rodolfo Cró

Miguel Marques
(Bass & Double-Bass)

Miguel Camacho

Enio Jardim
(Drums & Percussion)

Filipe Gouveia
(Double-Bass & Tuba)

Roberto Coelho

We would like to invite you
into our world!


Madeira Island, Portugal – Online Event


Madeira Island, Portugal – Online Event


Madeira Island, Portugal – Online Event


Madeira Island, Portugal – Online Event

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